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So well compared to their peers from other markets-they get their customers to commit to them early and at much deeper levels, and the resulting feedback loop allows them to innovate faster and build a more robust and market focused solution. If you delay your move, you can spend time building features that aren’t that critical to the customer and miss features that packers and movers hadapsar pune determine the final decision.
This early customer feedback and relationship building can also result in simplifying the business model and help reduce costs. Relocate too early and you could weaken your connection with your India team even before they are ready to take on independent development without your physical presence.
We better understand that our initial customers can help us craft a more targeted positioning message that can generate better quality leads from marketing campaigns. This can reduce wasted efforts of our shifting force. Above all, we desperately want to be entrepreneurs. So, we get this once in a life-time meeting with Vend Kholo, the greatest VC in the Universe. How we got this meeting is a secret and be revealed in public.
It is always tricky when you relocate to the US if your end target market is there. If you don’t have a minimal viable product and relocate, that market is extremely unforgiving and you may not even be entertained by any customer there who views you as a front person for an India-based company. Relocation also results in increased costs particularly a shift to the Bay Area, so cash flows have to be also considered. But overall, my advice to you would be to think of it as when to relocate, and not if to relocate.
If you are in a fast-paced segment of the market, if another startup gets to the customer locally while you are growing sporadically, they could build that emotional connect that you will find hard to displace.
we still don’t know, but we have some fancy concepts and ideas. Once you have a qualified lead, they also act as reference clients, not just for your product, but more importantly for you as a person. The latter is actually more important when you are a startup, since more often then not you are selling your personal credibility along with your solution.
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